Frescolori - Invisono Soundboard

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INVISONO® - Soundboard Walls that sound. INVISONO® combines the advantages of... more
Product information "Frescolori - Invisono Soundboard"

INVISONO® - Soundboard

Walls that sound.

INVISONO® combines the advantages of FRESCOLORI®-
fine plasters with the sophisticated technology of soundboards.
The subsequent covering with a FRESCOLORI®
lime-marble plaster ensures that the surface
blends in seamlessly with the rest of the wall and the speakers
become completely invisible. The special properties
of the plaster distribute the sound and create a
surface sound with a unique sound experience.

The passive loudspeaker system can be easily connected
to the existing sound system, as
mono or stereo up to the deluxe version with Dolby
Surround 5.1/7.1. Of course, the sound system can be connected to and controlled from a mobile
device via
corresponding players via Bluetooth.
The resulting sound fields shine with precise
sound of the highest quality.

Perfect Dolby Surround Sound for unlimited
home cinema pleasure or first-class
surface sound for the shower. INVISONO® Soundboards are
suitable for every living area up to the wet room and
can be integrated in new buildings and in existing rooms
. Get even more quality of life by having
INVISONO® Soundboards installed in your bathroom, sauna or wellness area
. Make your walls sound

Functional principle

Bending wave transducer

Min. installation depth

40 mm

Panel weight

approx. 3200 g


500 x 625 x 35 mm

Load capacity

45 watts


8 Ohm

Emp sensitivity

82dB / 1W / 1m *

Frequency response

60 Hz - 10 KHz *

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